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Safety Slogan since 2017

Safety Slogan since 2017Since 2017, ECLBET has been promoting *Safety* as our main slogan. Advertisement with slogan can be seen anywhere since then. Along the time, there are many companies tried and still trying to imitate our *Safety* slogan but eventually will disappear as time goes.


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Unique Games & Attractive Events

Prediction Events, Number Games and Ranking are the unique events offers by ECLBET, these events are free to participate, and members stand a chance to win big cash prizes up to 150,000 every month. You will never find such events in any other platform


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Professional & Well Trained Customer Support

ECLBET is constantly receiving superb reviews at our customer support especially on attitude as well as the ability of solving our members’ problems.


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Easy and User Friendly Interface

ECLBET has been continuously improving the UIUX of our website to provide the best gaming experiences. There will be major UIUX improvements on up coming November 2021


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Support Multiple Deposit Methods

ECLBET support Local Bank Transfer, 3rd Party Deposit Channel and Cryptocurrencies. We are the first in the industry to introduce Crypto as our deposit option. We are introducing more coins to be accepted in coming months.

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Fast Withdrawal and Deposit

With more than 15,000 Active members monthly, it is not an easy task to promise fast deposits and withdrawal  but we did it. Based on our records, 95% of the deposits (Local Bank Transfer) are completed within 3 minutes and 90% of withdrawals are completed within 30 minutes.

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Strong and Growing Company

ECLBET is one of the top Gaming company in Malaysia and Singapore that has up to 15,000 active players monthly. Our company is still growing every month, we have more than 2500 new members join us every month.

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High Reputation and Credibility

There are many reasons our member get to know ECLBET, one of the most popular marketing event is collaborating with Artist and IG Influencer. We are the first to collaborate with Malaysia Most popular Chinese Male Singer, Namewee to organize some charity events and production of Music Video (MV).


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Appreciation and Charity

ECLBET has never been less generous when comes to charity events either online or offline. We always hold our principle when doing charities are to help the local, instead of oversea or western countries. That is the reason why our charities event, ambassadors are all local artist.

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